Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Swinging Time!

Wow. I loved Swing Kings. The whole audience loved it. Mia Swartwood, our Ballet Mistress, told me that the first half of classical ballet variations were some of the best she'd ever seen. (That's saying a lot! Mia is a perfectionist.) And then the second half- well, it was so fun to watch. There were so many funny moments, scenarios that got you giggling; it was a really good time for everyone who braved the icy, terrible weather.

Perhaps one of the most memorable things that I will never forget, is the incredible mini-burger/soda shop experience afterward in the Cougar Lounge. (This is the after party/reception that we hold after every performance at the Beasley for our subscribers, sponsors, board members, and the performers. Incredibly, the receptions are catered by Gerald Henry, a board member, and Glenda Albright, (better known as Jonell's mom). But all the board members help out.

The funniest thing was watching board member Roberta McPherson slinging burgers and all the board members standing in an efficient line assembling fully loaded mini-burgers! It was entertaining and delicious! And all the more so because they were so lovingly prepared by our wonderful board. There were the mini-burgers, fries, condiments, and root beer floats to carry on the Swing Kings/soda shop theme. It was so neat.

The Beasley was packed for the school show the next day! The students and teachers loved the educational performace. Some kids got to go up on stage and learn the 'Lindy Hop.' Did you know that the Lindy Hop was named after Charles Lindburgh, after his flight (hop) across the Atlantic? It became all the rage...

Next we have Peru Negro - 30 dancers and musicians from Peru. This job is so great.

Keep dancin'.............