Friday, August 1, 2008

The cutest High School Musical show ever!

I just came up to the office from studio 110 after our 'High School Musical' open house/dress rehearsal and am so proud of what we've accomplished! The show was dazzling. It is when performances miraculously come together that I really appreciate the ability of people to surprize you. These little dancers were working hard all week, they were nervous, and hot, and well........ just wonderful. The performance went off without a hitch. They are ready to do the show tomorrow at 9:00 at the Farmer's Market, much to my relief. :o) Wal-Mart donated the basket-balls that the dancers use in the first number, "Get Your Head In The Game," and they will get to take home the basket-ball that their classmates have signed, a basketball jersey they decorated with glitter glue, and their ribbon hairpiece they made during the craft segment of the workshop.

This summer tradition, the Imagination Arts Workshop, is one of the most worthwhile projects we do. I'm so proud of our little dancers!

See you tomorrow morning-
Yours in dance........