Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Dancer Biograhy Blog: Karen Lawrence

“Stop that bouncing!” is what you will hear friends say to our next student featured in the Dancer Biography Blog, Karen Lawrence.  Karen loves to move, especially when dancing in her Celtic Novice Performance class.  She says that Celtic is her favorite type of dance because “it’s fast, it’s fun”.  And don’t forget that the shoes “look cool”.  Karen started taking Celtic from Festival Dance when she was just a second grader.  She found that dance was perfect for her because it was more individualized than other sports and she loved to perform on stage.  Now that Karen is one of those “big girl” dancers she used to admire, she has opportunities to perform with great dancers, such as with An Dóchas and the Haran Irish Dancers.  She will likely join them again at their Great Performances Series show on April 7th.  Karen’s message to young dancers is to keep dancing because Celtic is “awesome”.     

Karen also loves to move around the globe.  She has been to countries all over the world, including New Zealand, Spain, and Antarctica! Her favorite thing about her travels is the animals she encounters along the way.  It is no surprise then that Karen’s favorite subject in school is science and that her dream is to work in rescue and rehabilitation of animals, maybe even in Antarctica.  She plans to attend college anywhere with a coast that is known for its Marine Biology department.  Karen is currently a ninth grader at Moscow High School, so she still has a few years before college to enjoy her hometown of Moscow, especially the annual Renaissance Fair.  She usually attends the event dressed up with friends and sometimes performs a dance piece.  Watch for Karen’s performances at the Renaissance Fair and on stage!

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