Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Dancer Biography Blog: Amanda

Dance or hockey…why choose?  Amanda loves both!  In fact, this next Festival Dance student featured in our Dancer Biography Blog spends every day of the week doing some sort of activity.  Amanda says her favorite activities are dancing, drawing, swimming at the pool, and playing sports. 

Amanda spends most of her time dancing and playing hockey.  Amanda has taken ballet from Festival Dance for many years and just recently started taking Beginning Jazz/Hip Hop.  She really enjoys her Ballet 2/3 class because she has learned battements and the instructor, Karissa Jacobs, is “a nice teacher”.  Amanda’s other favorite instructor is her dad, Derek, her hockey coach.  Her mom, Brenda, and younger brother, Chase, can be found skating around the ice rink, too!  Playing hockey as a family is fun because they can all spend time together.  

Amanda is currently a 2nd grader at West Park Elementary School.  Her favorite subjects are math and science because it is “fun to figure things out” and she’s “good at it”.  She is also a talented reader and writer, and even tries to help Chase spell difficult words.  Amanda often writes thank you notes and thinking of you notes to her friends.  If you see Amanda at dance class or hockey practice, ask her if she will write you a note that rhymes.  After all, her favorite animal is a panda because it rhymes with her name!   

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